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Gecko’s new Y series that boasts impressive features and the most advanced technology in convivial, reliable, safe and long lasting control systems that fit all spa models and benefit all spa users.  


future expandability


to optimize the quality of the spa experience

Y series control systems open up on value-added features that increase the quality of users’ spa experience with plug and play addition of accessories and peripherals such as wireless control for mobile devices, water sanitation, audio streaming, auxiliary keypads and much more.


in.clear by Gecko Alliance

in.clear spa water sanitization system

Gecko’s in.clear is the most efficient, reliable and safest bromine based water sanitation system ever offered to spa owners. In.clear keeps water so clear, you’ll want to touch it, you’ll need to feel it!

in.touch 2 by Gecko Alliance

in.touch 2 remote control

Control your spa from an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with Gecko’s in.touch 2 app. It has never been that easy to control and program all the functions and features of your spa with our state-of-the-art app with push notifications.

 2 audio station

Designed to deliver clean, crisp rich sound in the hi-fi rendition expected by music lovers, 2 features Class D amplifier technology and a built-in power supply.

in.k120 auxiliary keypad

The in.k120 is an auxiliary keypad that canbe used as an alternative to control the spa functions from a user specified location on the edge of the spa.


Distinctly blue since 2001!
the true color of Gecko Alliance's control systems for spas

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