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Gecko’s new Y series that boasts impressive features and the most advanced technology in convivial, reliable, safe and long lasting control systems that fit all spa models and benefit all spa users.  


in.yj on display in American Hydrotherapy Systems’ booth at last Piscine Global in Lyon

Claude Dionne

in.yj’s size offers the flexibility to be easily assembled in a small footprint spa, without losing out on functionality and options. It also offers heating flexibility where it can be bought on its own for use in a heat recovery system (in.yj-re), or bundled with the compact heat.wav-yj heater for efficient heating in any space.

Like all Y Series packs, the in.yj is compatible with our in.k series of keypads. In Lyon, at Piscine Global, American Hydrotherapy Systems had it connected to our best-selling in.k300 keypad.