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Gecko’s new Y series that boasts impressive features and the most advanced technology in convivial, reliable, safe and long lasting control systems that fit all spa models and benefit all spa users.  


In.yj comes with a high performance heat.wav heater!

Claude Dionne


Gecko’s in.yj spa control system is equipped with a remote heater that simplifies the installation and location in the equipment compartment of smaller spas.

This 2" full size heater will not reduce flow to the spa jets.

With no pressure switch, it features in.flo integrated dry-fire protection. The in.flo eliminates the burden of adjustments, calibrations and failures associated to usual water flow sensors. Shipped in a 240v / 4 kW configuration, in.yj’s heat.wav heater can be easily converted to dedicated 120v / 1kW by a simple connection change performed in dealer showrooms or in the field.