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Gecko’s new Y series that boasts impressive features and the most advanced technology in convivial, reliable, safe and long lasting control systems that fit all spa models and benefit all spa users.  


ye-V3 overview


Optimize your customers' spa experience with Gecko’s new generation of control systems


A lot moreto offer with the new

After upgrading its smaller brother, we could not resist doing the same with Gecko’s With its boosted CPU,external memory and higher capacity relays, now has the power it needs for new features... like LED lights for troubleshooting clues.

Like all other platforms of Gecko’s Y series, is compatible to a wide selection of keypads and auto-detects the selected keypad model.



With a light output capacity increased to 1.25A and the integration of the in.mix 300 color system on the main board, new cables and LED lights can be connected directly to the box with full color control directly from the keypad.



With its new terminal block, onboard AMP connectors and an evolved cable strain relief system, it has never been easier to connect your accessories to a control box! We’ve also addeda pathway to connected accessories with faster communication.



Distinctly blue since 2001!
the true color of Gecko Alliance's control systems for spas

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